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JakLingko Reviews Integrated Fare Can Implement for Commuter Line (KRL)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT JakLingko Indonesia, a subsidiary of the Jakarta Provincial Government-Owned Enterprises, is in the process of reviewing the integrated fare scheme for the Commuter Line, allowing it to integrate with other public transportation systems.

"For the study, there is already a scenario that includes the Commuter Line, and we will follow up on this," said JakLingko Indonesia's CEO, Muhammad Kamaluddin, in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, JakLingko and the Department of Transportation DKI Jakarta are currently concentrating on testing the implementation of the integrated fare system for six months until December 2022. However, Kamaluddin emphasized that they still have a commitment to follow up on the study involving the Commuter Line after evaluating the trial period for the integrated fare system for the three public transportation modes.

"We are committed to following up, but we may assess the results in December or early next year," added Kamaluddin.

However, he admitted that there haven have been no talks with the Ministry of Transportation concerning the proposal to integrate the Commuter Line into the fare structure. He also noted that in several nations, including those within the G20, integrated fare systems have been adopted for all public transportation. He hopes that this could be taken into account by the government when considering including the Commuter Line in the integrated fare system.

"If we observe G20 nations, most cities have already integrated their fares across all transportation modes. So, we hope that this can serve as a foundation for the Ministry of Transportation's future consideration of our study," Kamaluddin said.

Currently, the Jakarta Provincial Government is conducting a trial of the integrated fare system for three public transportation modes using the JakLingko app, with a maximum fare of Rp10,000. During this trial period, Kamaluddin added that it has received a positive response from the public.

"The response has been quite positive, and all residents using the JakLingko app have experienced the benefit of more economical fares," Kamaluddin stated.

Same with Kamaluddin, Syafrin Liputo, the Head Department of Transportation DKI Jakarta shares the aspiration for the Commuter Line (KRL) to be included in the integrated fare system, unifying it with the three existing mass transit modes in Jakarta: LRT, MRT, and TransJakarta.

"For the next stage, we anticipate that other mass public transportation modes currently operating in Jakarta and even in the Greater Jakarta area, such as the Commuter Line (KRL), will also have their payment systems fully integrated," Syafrin said. 

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