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JakLingko: Transaction Constraints on Public Transportation are Getting Resolved

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The payment system integration company, PT JakLingko Indonesia, stated that obstacles that cause double transactions or balances to be deducted twice on public transportation in Jakarta have been increasingly resolved since the implementation of the integration fare a month ago.

"PT JakLingko Indonesia reports that the obstacles that occurred at the beginning of the implementation have been increasingly resolved including 'double deduct' on 'tap in' and 'tap out'," said President Director of PT JakLingko Indonesia Muhamad Kamaluddin in a statement in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Transaction obstacles tend to be resolved since the implementation of integration tariffs on bank electronic money cards and the implementation of the "one man one card" rule as well as the obligation to 'tap in' and 'tap out' for all customers using TransJakarta, MRT and LRT Jakarta.

In line with technical and system improvements made by JakLingko in the field, Kamal said, as of October 4 (the start of implementation) until today, from a total of 1,338 complaints from TransJakarta service users reported to JakLingko Customer Care and identified in the transaction database in JakLingko Indonesia, a total of 3,464 transactions were "refunded".

"The amount is worth a total of Rp11,640,000 for these users. The number of 'refunds' is greater than complaints," Kamaluddin said. However, there are some users who experience more than one "double deduct" incident in TransJakarta. He mentioned, every day, reports related to these double transactions recorded at Jaklingko Customer Care are getting smaller. Less than 20 reports per day and the majority of incoming reports are "follow-up" on the refund process for their previous reports.

"We ask customers to be patient because all 'refund' requests that have been verified will be processed according to the queue," said Kamal.

PT JakLingko Indonesia will continue to improve the integration of various systems and also continue to coordinate with TransJakarta. Currently, the JakLingko integration system processes an average of 362,551 transactions per day from three operators (TransJakarta, MRT Jakarta and LRT Jakarta). This double transaction incident has never occurred in the Jakarta MRT and Jakarta LRT operators. "Furthermore, if there are still customers who experience the "double deduct" incident, please immediately report it to JakLingko Customer Care at 0812-6000-1440," he said. If the incident is verified to have occurred, then the customer is entitled to a 'refund' for the transaction through three choices of return methods. Namely through the JakLingko application, bank transfer or electronic wallet transfer.

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