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JakLingko Card & SuperApp Trial Expansion

JakLingko Card & SuperApp Trial Expansion


To implement the Jabodetabek Public Transportation Payment Integration (EIPTJ) which is carried out in stages, PT JakLingko Indonesia initiated the Limited Trial Expansion of the Transportation Card (JakLingko Card) and the JakLingko Integration Application (JakLingko Superapps).

Referring to the provisions of Bank Indonesia so that the implementation and use of the application obtain positive input from various elements of the community (before it can be downloaded by the public), so that the Trial Expansion activity will be held again from October-December 2021.


  • Registration will be open in batches until the end of December 2021
  • Register on the following form (link)
  • JakLingko will conduct a selection process for selected participants for 2x24 hours
  • Selected participants will be announced via participant email by JakLingko Customer Care which contains guidelines regarding the Expansion of Trials that participants will participate in
  • Selected participants in each batch can try JakLingko Card & SuperApp in the specified period
  • Participants are required to provide feedback after conducting a trial to JakLingko



Pendaftaran : 15 - 21 Nov 2021
Screening : 22 - 23 Nov 2021
Email Blast : 24 Nov 2021
Periode Uji Coba : 25 Nov - 08 Des  2021





  1. Participants are domiciled in Greater Jakarta, aged over 17 years.
  2. Participants who have been selected in the Batch 1 can't  take part in the next Batch.
  3. Participants who have registered but have not been selected can register again.
  4. Participants register on the link provided, and fill out all the questions in the form completely.
  5. All participants who register will be selected according to JakLingko's needs in "Perluasan Uji Coba Publik".
  6. Participants conduct a Trial in a predetermined period of each batch. Outside of that period or information from JakLingko, it is not recommended to do a trial.
  7. Agree to provide suggestions in the development of JakLingko Card & SuperApp through the Help → Feedback menu on JakLingko Apps.
  8. JakLingko Card & SuperApp can currently be used on MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, Transjakarta, and Commuter Line modes of transportation. Stations that can't be used will be informed to selected participants.
  9. Tap-in and tap-out or scan QR at the integration gate at the bus stop/station. Please ask the integration gate location officer, or participants can look for the gate hint.
  10. JakLingko does not provide balances, either for cards or applications for trial participants.
  11. After the trial period is completed in each batch, the app will be temporarily disabled.



Call Center : (021) 29223034
Whatsapp : 081260001440
Email : customercare@jaklingkoindonesia.co.id





Instagram : @jaklingkoindonesia
Youtube    : JakLingko Indonesia
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